Privacy Policy

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You can generally access all the pages of the Fakolith website without having to provide personal details. In cases where your name, address or other personal details are required, you will be duly advised beforehand. Your personal usage data will be used to make the FAKOLITH Farben GmbH service as convenient for you as possible and to make improvements to it. If you decide to share your personal details with FAKOLITH Farben GmbH over the Internet to enable correspondence to be processed or an order executed, for instance, these details will be handled carefully in accordance with the strict provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). When the website is visited, FAKOLITH Farben GmbH receives usage data which is saved for backup purposes and which may permit identification (for example, IP address, date, time and pages viewed). This data is analysed by Rep and More GmbH in order to identify user behaviour and to compile statistics. The high standards of security of the Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG) and of the Data Protection Ordinance for Telecommunications Companies (TDSV) must be complied with here. Personal data is not utilised. The company reserves the right to carry out a statistical evaluation of anonymous data records. Further information about data protection in the Federal Republic of Germany can be found here:

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

If data is to be shared with service providers in the course of order data processing, these firms must be subject to the BDSG and other statutory regulations; they are also required to abide by the Privacy Policy of FAKOLITH Farben GmbH. Where FAKOLITH Farben GmbH is required to do so by law or by a court order, it will transmit your data to agencies to whom disclosure is authorised to the extent required. FAKOLITH Farben GmbH will not share your data with third parties for any further purposes without your express permission.


FAKOLITH Farben GmbH will save your data on particularly secure servers in Germany. Access to them to limited to only a few people who are duly authorised by FAKOLITH Farben GmbH and who are concerned with the technical, commercial or editorial support for those servers.

Right to revoke

If you ask FAKOLITH Farben GmbH not to use your personal data for any further contact and/or to delete it, we will act accordingly. Data which is essential for order processing or for commercial purposes may not be affected by cancellation or deletion.  Please be mindful of the fact that in the event of revocation, the personalised service can no longer be provided because it is based on the use of customer data.

Use of cookies

Text information is collected during online sessions in the form of cookies, and this is saved on the user's hard disk in a special file in ASCII format (cookie.txt). The user's Internet browser checks where the cookie is saved on his system.  Cookies are information that is sent back to the server the next time you visit a website. They can only be read by the server which had also saved them previously. Rep and More GmbH only uses cookies where it is essential to do so for user functions and/or to facilitate navigation of the websites. The information will not be placed at the disposal of third parties because cookies are only used for the purposes specified above. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically. However, this function can be disabled in the browser at any time.  You can configure your browser to notify you as soon as cookies are sent.

Links to other websites

The pages of the FAKOLITH Farben GmbH website may contain links to other websites. FAKOLITH Farben GmbH does not have any control over the editorial content of third-party websites and on measures taken by the owners to comply with data protection regulations.


The pages of the FAKOLITH Farben GmbH website generally do not contain any advertising space. Where this is not the case, the advertising is delivered by external ad servers. Data collected in connection with online advertising (ad impressions, ad clicks) is used exclusively for statistical analysis and to generate reports for advertising customers. No personal data is used for this. Cookies may be used in the delivery of advertising, although FAKOLITH Farben GmbH does not have any control over this.