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Areas of application for antimicrobial surface coatings

Antimicrobial coatings are becoming increasingly important. FAKOLITH hygienic coatings are used in many hygiene-relevant areas: For example in

  • the food industry
  • the packaging industry
  • the agricultural industry
  • the health care industry

Further areas of application for the certified hygienic coatings with BIO.FILM.STOP technology can be found e.g.

  • in living and sanitary areas
  • in schools and nurseries
  • public buildings
  • Retirement homes

External accredited laboratories were commissioned with official tests to prove the effectiveness of the bactericidal and antiviral activity of FAKOLITH products equipped with the BIO.FILM.STOP technologies. The tests were carried out in application of BSI ISO 21702:2019-05 (Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics) and ISO 22196:2011-08 (Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics).

The results obtained confirm that the reduction of bacterial load by FAKOLITH BIO.FILM.STOP technologies is up to 99.99%. The reduction of the viral load was confirmed within a time of only 2 hours with up to 99.49%. The test was carried out with the virus strain “Feline coronavirus” (Strain Munich).


Coatings with BIO.FILM.STOP technology have a preventive effect. The active ingredient combination of encapsulated organic and inorganic active substances in the coating offers a high level of protection for sensitive surfaces against microbial infestation. There are 2 variants of the BIO.FILM.STOP technology. They differ in the mode of action and the requirements for the products and certification. The focus is on the following requirements:

Products that require maximum surface protection against microbial infestation due to their field of application: These are equipped with the “blue” bio-film technology. Recommended areas of application for these products: Ceiling and wall coatings in the health sector, in nursing homes, in residential areas, in schools, in playschools, salesrooms, restaurants. Also highly resilient subsoils in production, cooling and storage rooms in the food industry.

Products that are certified for direct contact with food according to VO (EU) 10/2011 and/or FDA 21CFR 175.300 and require bacterial surface protection: They are equipped with the “green” BIO.FILM.STOP technology.

Most important areas of application for these products: Surface coatings in cold rooms (for indirect contact), tank and silo coating, machines/surfaces in clean rooms, products in the packaging industry (food packaging, cosmetic packaging), etc.

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