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Surface coatings for cold- and storerooms

Commercial cold rooms have a high demand on hygiene. Whether in the food industry, in butchers’ shops or in the catering trade for holding food and drinks, intact surfaces in cold rooms are crucial for the quality of the food in the consumption chain from industry to the consumer. Accordingly, the requirements for the coating of ceilings and walls in cold rooms are high.

When selecting the coating, the specific requirements for materials in direct contact (VO (EU) 10/2011) with food as well as the special regulations of the Food Hygiene Regulation VO(EG) 852/2004 must be observed. Food is also stored unpackaged in cold storage and ripening rooms. In these rooms, there is a particularly high demand on the surface quality.

Product recommendations from the German Federal Association of Food Inspectors for the prevention of microbial infestation (mould, bacteria): DISPERLITH ELASTIC


Dispersion-based cleanroom coating

With film protection against mould, bacteria and viruses
Tested by the Fraunhofer Institute (cleanroom-suitable material)
Processing from +4°C
Substrates: Mineraly, Old paint, metal panels
Schimmelsanierung Decke
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Product recommendations from the Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure Deutschlands e.V. for direct contact with open foodstuffs: FK 45 FOODGRADE


2-component high-solid epoxy resin sealer

With film protection against bacteria and viruses
Storage of open food
Processing from +12°C
Substrates: Mineraly, old paint, metal panels
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The FAKOLITH hygienic coatings are characterised by the following product properties and certifications, depending on the product:

  • Industrial quality for professionals. No flaking of the coating due to tested chemical and cleaning resistance.
  • Certification according to VO(EU) 10/2011. No contamination of food due to certified coatings.
  • BIO.FILM.STOP technology: Protection against microbial infestation on all coated surfaces.
  • Avoidance of voids: A direct coating of the surface reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to hidden growth of microorganisms behind wall panels.

Rooms in which food is stored should always have sufficient ventilation. A high level of safety for the quality of the stored food is achieved through functional surface coatings. Coatings with BIO.FILM.STOP technology have a preventive effect and reduce the risk of mould, bacteria and virus infestation on the surface of ceilings, walls and doors.

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