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Schimmelsanierung Effective mould remediation: FIND OUT MORE Cleaning, subsoil remediation and preventive coating with our 3-phase complete system Imprägnierung Mauer Preservation of value and protection of buildings: FIND OUT MORE This is guaranteed by our multifunctional products FAKOLITH FK 7 and AQUA.SILAN.CONTROL Kühlraum Recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors: Find Out More Surface coatings for refrigeration and storage rooms from FAKOLITH Lebensmittelbeschichtung Guaranteed food safe: Mehr erfahren FOODGRADE coating systems for direct contact
with food

FAKOLITH FARBEN – System products for moisture damage to buildings, flood damage, hygienic coatings for the healthcare sector and FOODGRADE products for the food industry

FAKOLITH has been developing and producing innovative coating systems for professional applications for over 60 years. Today, FAKOLITH is an internationally active manufacturer of quality products in the field of mould protection and building protection, flood damage as well as paints for the healthcare sector and coatings for the food industry. The food-safe FOODGRADE products, certified for direct contact with food according to VO (EU) 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300, were developed within the framework of international research projects and today expand the product portfolio of the FAKOLITH Group.

Quick help with flood damage

If the water recedes, action must be taken quickly to avoid the spread of mould and bacteria as best as possible. This is how you reduce musty smells and microbial infestation.

Simplified product search with the
new FAKOLITH Productfinder

High demands are placed on coatings in food processing plants. With the FAKOLITH Productfinder, users can find the right products for their object in just a few steps. >> LEARN MORE

Effective mould remediation with our 3-phase complete system

Cleaning, substrate remediation and the application of a preventive coating are the components of FAKOLITH’s proven 3-phase system. Effective, efficient and always reliable. >> LEARN MORE

Hygienic coatings for food companies

Our professional coating systems for rooms where food is produced and stored are highly resilient and extremely efficient. >> LEARN MORE

High-performance impregnations protect masonry and façade from moisture damage.

FAKOLITH FK 7 and AQUA.SILAN.CONTROL protect the masonry in the long term, even under extreme conditions. >> LEARN MORE

High-performance coating systems for commercial cold rooms

Rust, mould, bacteria and flaking coatings in commercial cold stores are claimed by food regulators and must be avoided at all costs. We know how. >> LEARN MORE

Antimicrobial coatings offer protection against bacteria and viruses

In medical practices, retirement homes, hospitals, kindergartens and schools, antimicrobial coatings offer supplementary prophylaxis against bacterial and viral infections. >> LEARN MORE

FOODGRADE coatings for food tanks

If food is stored in tanks, silos or basins, it must be ensured that no toxic substances migrate from the tank coating into the food. >> LEARN MORE

FOODGRADE – tested for direct contact
with food according to VO (EU) 10/2011

FAKOLITH FOODGRADE products are tested for the direct contact with food and comply with all requirements of VO (EU) 10/2011 and/or FDA 21 CFR 175.300. >> INFORM NOW

Recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors of Germany e.V.

FAKOLITH is a cooperation partner and active member of the Hygiene Forum of the Federal Association of Food Inspectors of Germany. >> FIND OUT MORE

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