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Building protection – conservation of value and protection of buildings

The effects of moisture can have harmful and dangerous consequences on an inadequately protected building. A tight roof, an intact facade and a technically well-planned seal in the basement area make a significant contribution to protecting the building from external influences of moisture.

Ageing, conversion or environmental influences can change a previously intact building envelope. Promptly implemented preventive measures offer comprehensive protection for the building and ensure the long-term preservation of the building fabric.

Unprotected façade

FAKOLITH impregnation AQUA.SILAN.GUARD protects the façade from the effects of weather and driving rain. FAKOLITH FK 7 additionally consolidates the substrate and provides excellent protection against mould and algae infestation.


Rising damp

The FAKOLITH horizontal barrier AQUA.SILAN.INJECTION reliably stops the vertical transport of moisture in the wall. To do this, drill holes in the wall at 10 cm intervals and fill them once with an injection agent. Only to be used for rising damp, but not for pressing damp.

In the practical video on the right you can see the application of a horizontal barrier against rising damp with AQUA.SILAN.INJECTION from FAKOLITH.

Damp cellars and walls

Unpleasant odours, defective wall coatings and mould often make it impossible to use damp basement rooms. Remediation of “pressing” moisture in the wall area in contact with the ground usually involves a great deal of effort and corresponding costs. The emulsion AQUA.SILAN.CONTROL does not eliminate the cause of the dampness. But the application of AQUA.SILAN.CONTROL significantly reduces unpleasant musty odours, solidifies the substrate and protects the wall from mould. In addition, we recommend the installation of dehumidification equipment.

Preventive measures protect the building from moisture in the long term. Later cost-intensive renovation measures can be significantly avoided.


Overview of our products in the field of building protection


Processing gun

FK 7 Antipilzlösung




Aqua Silan Floor


Aqua Silan Control




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