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AQUA.SILAN.INJECTION – Injection cream for filling boreholes to create a horizontal barrier in case of rising wall moisture

Intended use

AQUA.SILAN.INJECTION is a silane/siloxane based injection cream. By filling a single row of boreholes, AQUA.SILAN.INJECTION creates a functional barrier against rising damp in the masonry. Time-saving, material-saving, simple but highly effective method for creating a horizontal barrier.

Material base

  • Aqueous silane/siloxane-based injection cream in a tubular bag

Product features / properties

  • Injection cream
  • High active ingredient content (>80%)
  • High penetration depth due to extended exposure time (cream form)
  • Material-saving (no loss due to material flowing away)
  • Excellent spreading capacity
  • Time-saving, a single filling is sufficient
  • CE marking. Tested according to UNE- EN1504-2:2004


  • Processing from + 5°C
  • One-time filling of the drill holes with the injection cream
  • Finally seal holes with mineral filler
  • Consumption:for 24 wall = 1 bag (540 g/600 ml) = sufficient for = 0.9 linear metres
    for 36 wall = 1 bag (540 g/600 ml) = sufficient for = 0.6 linear metres
    (when using a 20 mm drill bit)

Container sizes

  • 540 Gr

Downloads for the product

Horizontalsperre Produkt

Ordering, price information and delivery

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Information and service

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