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Legende – Explanations of logos and signs used

On this page you will find all the logos and symbols used on our website, together with their explanations and, where appropriate, further information and links.


In our product portfolio, the term FOODGRADE stands for inks and coatings developed and produced by FAKOLITH for applications in direct contact with food. FAKOLITH FOODGRADE products comply with the specific requirements for coatings in direct contact with food according to VO (EC) 1935/2004, VO (EU) 10/2011, VO (EU) 1282/2011, VO(EU) 2016/1416, VO (EC) 1895/2005 (only for epoxy resin products), VO (EC) 2023/2006, VO (EC) 2018/213. The products FK 100 FOODGRADE and DISPAINT FOODGRADE additionally comply with the special requirements of the American standard FDA 21 CFR 175.300.

The conformity of FOODGRADE products with the above-mentioned regulations is confirmed by FAKOLITH in a detailed declaration of conformity. Our declarations of conformity are detailed and contain complete information on the tests and migration tests carried out.


BIO.FILM.STOP technology

Biofilm is the term used to describe layers of slime formed by microorganisms (e.g. moulds, bacteria, protozoa) that are themselves embedded in this slime layer. High humidity and nutrients from the room air nourish the growth of the biofilm. In production rooms of food-producing companies, there is thus a risk of mould and bacteria infestation on hygienically critical surfaces even if the humidity is only increased in phases. In order to protect these surfaces during the periods in the times between cleaning intervals, FAKOLITH hygiene coatings are equipped with BIO.FILM.STOP technology. The selected combination of active substances and high-quality binders creates a paint film with maximum qualitative and quantitative resistance to biofilm.
BIO.FILM.STOP products are marked with the logos above. There s two technologies, GREEN + BLUE, which differ in effectiveness as follows:

Proven efficacy against bacteria (ISO 22196:2011-08) and viruses (ISO 21702:2019-05).

BLUE-BIO.FILM.STOP technology:
Tested effectiveness against mould (DIN EN 15457:2014-11), bacteria (ISO 22196:2011-08) and viruses (ISO 21702:2019-05).


EU Ecolabel

The European Eco-label (EU Ecolabel) is an international quality label for consumer products and services. The label was introduced by the European Commission and is now awarded independently by national institutes in the participating countries.
The currently valid legal basis is Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 [2]. Consumer goods are labelled which are distinguished by their special environmental compatibility and comparatively low health impact. The DISPERLITH HYGIENIC hygiene coating was awarded the Ecolabel.


Seal “Recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors of Germany”.

This quality seal is used to identify products that are explicitly recommended by the Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure Deutschlands e.V. (BVLK). If these products are used as regulated, properly and as intended, they can make an important contribution to optimising basic hygiene and ensuring food safety.


Information and service

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