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Recommended by the German Federal Association of Food Inspectors (BVLK)

Moisture is generated during the production of food due to manufacturing, storage and cleaning processes. This places a heavy load on surfaces in production, refrigeration and storage rooms, and there is a risk of mould and bacterial infestation. Coatings that are not resistant to moisture detach from the substrate and can contaminate the food.

For the food inspector, the implementation of the Food Hygiene Ordinance is the basis for his work. Biofilms on ceiling surfaces, listeria behind wall panelling and defective coatings must be avoided at all costs. FAKOLITH offers coating solutions that comply 100% with the requirements of the Food Hygiene Ordinance and are explicitly recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors.


Food inspectors have a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. During the inspections, the main focus is on:

  • Compliance with food law regulations
  • The assessment of the structural and material-technical filment
  • The assessment of general hygiene in connection with the cleaning and disinfection system

In the process, precise questions are asked:

  • Are maintenance measures carried out regularly?
  • Is there obvious damage to the building fabric, e.g. damage to tiles, peeling wall and ceiling paint, black mould, leaking pipes?
  • Is there a functioning exhaust air system?
  • Does the water connection to the hand washing facility work?
  • What is the condition of surfaces that come into contact with food?

FAKOLITH is a cooperation partner of the BVLK

As a manufacturer of hygienic coatings, FAKOLITH has many years of practical experience. We are in constant contact with bakeries, butchers, dairies, wineries, breweries and the food industry with its production, cooling and storage facilities. Within the framework of our activities in the hygiene forum of the BVLK and participation in further training events of the association, we inform and advise food inspectors about the technical possibilities for optimizing spatial hygiene. Even with problematic substrates and the most difficult conditions.

Information and service

We know the requirements for surfaces in food processing companies and supply functional coating solutions.

You only have a short time window for renovation? Do you have questions about our products or their use? Feel free to contact our application technology personally by phone or send us an e-mail.

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