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DISPERLITH ELASTIC – Highly resilient hygienic coating with film protection against mould, virus and bacteria infestation

Intended use

DISPERLITH ELASTIC is a dispersion-based hygienic coating for ceilings and walls in interior spaces where a highly resilient surface is required due to use. DISPELITH ELASTIC is characterised by extreme substrate adhesion and high chemical and cleaning resistance of the paint film. Especially recommended for production, cooling and storage rooms in the food industry.

The BLUE-BIO.FILM.STOP-Technology protects the surface of DISPERLITH ELASTIC from mould, viruses and bacteria.

Material base

  • Acrylic copolymer dispersion with film protection (BLUE-BIO.FILM.STOP-Technology)

Product features / properties

  • Surface protection against mould, virus and bacteria infestation through tested BLUE-BIO.FILM.STOP-Technology (DIN EN 15457:2014-11, ISO 21702:2019-05, ISO 22196:2011-08)
  • Certified cleanroom coating (Fraunhofer Institute Cleanroom-Suitable-Material 4/2018)
  • Recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors Germany e.V.
  • CE marking
  • Water-based and solvent-free
  • Low odour
  • Colour: White, tinting on request
  • Quick-drying
  • Brilliant white and highly opaque
  • Water vapour diffusion = SD 1.57m
  • Water absorption = W3 = 0.03 kg/(m² x h0.5)
  • Opacity class 1 (5 m²/L)
  • Wet abrasion class 1 (DIN 53778)
  • Gloss level: Silk matt (DIN EN 13 300)


  • Processing from + 4°C
  • Brush, roller or airless spray application
  • Drying time between coats approx. 2h, completely dry and fully loadable after 48h (20°C/ 60% rel. humidity).
  • Water-thinnable
  • Consumption: >250 ml/m²

Container sizes

  • 5 L
  • 12,5 L

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Information and service

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