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FAKOLITH FK 1 – Facade paint with film protection against mould and algae infestation

Intended use

FAKOLITH FK 1 is an emulsion paint for preventive coating of new facades or for renovation of exterior substrates infested with mould, algae and moss. The BIO.FILM.STOP-Technologie protects the surface of FAKOLITH FK 1 reliably and in the long term against mould and algae infestation. Particularly suitable for façades facing the weather or for buildings near forests or shores.

Material base

  • Pure acrylic dispersion with film protection (BIO.FILM.STOP-Technologie)

Product features / properties

  • Film protection against mould and algae infestation
  • Water-based
  • Low odour
  • Colour: White, tinting on request
  • Vapour diffusion open SD 0.17m
  • Brilliant white and highly opaque
  • Water vapour diffusion = SD 0.17m
  • Water absorption = W3 = 0.03 kg/(m² x h0.5)
  • Opacity class 1 (<5m²/L/C1)
  • Wet abrasion class 1 according to DIN 53778
  • Gloss level: Matt (DIN EN 13 300)


  • Processing from +10°C
  • Painting, rolling, airless spraying
  • Drying time between coats approx. 2h, completely dry and fully loadable after 48h (20°C/ 60% rel. air).
  • Water-thinnable
  • Consumption: Approx. 250 ml/m²

Container sizes

  • 5 L
  • 12,5 L

Downloads for the product

FK 1



Ordering, price information and delivery

Would you like to order our products, do you need price information or an offer? Contact our sales department by telephone or e-mail. We would be happy to name a sales partner for FAKOLITH products in your region.

FAKOLITH Farben / Sales
Phone: +49 (0)6253 / 23 94 - 23

Information and service

We know our way around mold remediation and the removal of moisture damage. You are a processor and you have questions about product selection, preparation or the use of our FAKOLITH products? Our technical support is at your disposal personally by telephone or e-mail.

FAKOLITH Farben / Technical support
Phone: +49 (0)6253 / 23 94 - 18

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