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FK 45 FOODGRADE SPACHTEL – 2-component high-solid epoxy resin rapid putty, certified according to VO (EU) 1935/2004, VO(EU)10/2011 for direct contact with foodstuffs

Intended use

FK 45 FOODGRADE SPACHTEL is a 2-component filler based on epoxy resin for defects, joints, cavities in ceilings, walls and floors. FK45 FOODGRADE SPACHTEL is certified according to VO (EU) 1935/2004, VO(EU)10/2011, for direct contact with all foodstuffs. The 2-component filler is characterised by short drying times and a resilient surface. FK 45 FOODGRADE SPACHTEL is particularly recommended for repair work in ceilings, walls and floors, for filling joints in food tanks and silos as well as for creating coves in industrially used rooms.

GREEN-BIO.FILM.STOP-Technologie protects the surface of FK 45 FOODGRADE SPACHTEL from virus and bacteria infestation.

Material base

  • 2C high-solid epoxy resin coating

Product features / properties

  • Certified for direct contact with all foodstuffs (Tested simulants = A, B, C and D2)
  • Surface protection virus and bacteria infestation by tested GREEN-BIO.FILM.STOP-Technologie (ISO 21702:2019-05, ISO 22196:2011-08
  • Waterproof
  • No water absorption
  • Low odour
  • Colour: White, grey
  • Sealing
  • Gloss level: Silk gloss


  • Processing from + 12°C
  • Filling
  • Drying time: Can be walked on after 24 h, can be driven on after 48 h (20°C/ 60% rel. air)
  • Dilution with FAKOLITH FK 45 DILUTION
  • Consumption: 1cm² joint = 100 g/lfdm (theoretical volumetric minimum consumption)

Container sizes

  • 2,5 kg
  • 7,5 kg

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Ordering, price information and delivery

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Information and service

We know the requirements for surfaces in food processing companies and supply functional coating solutions. Do you only have a short time window for the renovation? Do you have questions about the product selection, preparation or use of our FAKOLITH products? Our technical support is at your disposal personally by telephone or e-mail.

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