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Anti-Mould Package Plus – Anti-Mould Package for 10 m² mould remediation in damp areas

Intended use

The Anti-Mould Package PLUS contains 1 L mould cleaner FAKOLITH FK 12 (chlorine-free), 1 L antifungal remedy FAKOLITH FK 14 and 2.5 L FAKOLITH FK 10 pure acrylic paint with film protection against mould, virus and bacteria infestation. Also: protective mask, gloves, sponge. All packed in a practical work bucket, sufficient for 10 m² mould remediation in damp areas.


  • Clean the substrate with FAKOLITH FK 12 and soften the cell wall of the fungal mycelium
  • Paint, roll, spray FAKOLITH FK 14 and destroy the fungal mycelium in the substrate
  • Paint, roll, spray a prophylactic paint film with protection against mould, viruses and bacteria with FAKOLITH FK 10

Container sizes

VE = bucket with each

  • 1.0 L FAKOLITH FK 12 Cleaner
  • 1.0 L FAKOLITH FK 14 Antifungal solution
  • 2,5 L FAKOLITH FK 10 Anti-mould paint

For 10 m² mould remediation in damp areas

FAKOLITH FK 12 – Cleaner for the treatment of substrates infested with mould, bacteria, algae and moss

Acidic cleaning concentrate for cleaning substrates affected by mould, bacteria, algae and green coatings as well as for dissolving salts harmful to the building from the front masonry. Limescale remover with a broad spectrum of action. FAKOLITH FK 12 MICRO-CLEANER is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, neutralises odours and delays the formation of new bacteria.

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FAKOLITH FK 14 – Anti-fungal substrate remediation for mould, bacteria and algae infestation

Aqueous, odourless antifungal solution for reliable sanitation of the substrate in case of deep-seated bacteria, germs, spores, fungi, yeasts and algae. FAKOLITH FK 14 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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FAKOLITH FK 10 – Damp room paint with film protection against mould, virus and bacteria infestation

FAKOLITH FK 10 is dispersion paint for preventive coating of ceilings and walls in interior rooms where there is a risk of mould and bacteria growth on the surface due to regularly increased humidity. The BLUE-BIO.FILM.STOP-Technologie protects the surface of FAKOLITH FK 10 against mould, virus and bacteria infestation.

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Use biocides safely. Read the label and product information before use.

Ordering, price information and delivery

Would you like to order our products, do you need price information or an offer? Contact our sales department by telephone or e-mail. We would be happy to name a sales partner for FAKOLITH products in your region.

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Information and service

We know our way around mold remediation and the removal of moisture damage. You are a processor and you have questions about product selection, preparation or the use of our FAKOLITH products? Our technical support is at your disposal personally by telephone or e-mail.

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